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The interest rates on most payday loans are between 391 percent and 521 percent, leading to consumers paying hundreds of dollars in fees each year, particularly for those caught in the borrowing cycle.

We have good relationships with payday lenders who can lower your interest rates and pay back your loan in full. However, we believe that our free credit counseling session will reduce your dependence on payday loans.

We’ll discuss the high cost associated with payday loans and offer suggestions on avoiding them in the future. We will also look at who you owe and help you determine how we can help you repay your payday loans debt.

We can help you end the cycle of payday loan borrowing

CitrusNorth, a non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Service, bridges consumers with their debt. Our free credit counseling sessions will help you get on the right track. We have helped thousands of people to repay their debts. Our credit counselors are certified by a third party and can assist you in getting debt-free.

We also offer other services:

  • Debt Consolidation Program
  • Credit Card Debt Relief
  • Personal Finance Education
  • Student Loan Debt Counseling
  • Medical Debt Relief
  • Debt Collection Assistance

The following statistics can be attributed to payday loan borrowing, according to These figures further confirm the fact that payday loan borrowing is a growing problem.

  • Payday loans are used by seven in ten borrowers to pay for regular bills like rent or utilities.
  • 75% of payday loan borrowers get 11 or more loans each year.
  • 58% of payday loan borrowers struggle to pay their monthly expenses.

These numbers show that thousands upon thousands of payday loan borrowers are stuck in a complex cycle to break. This can have a devastating effect on a person’s finances. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We will provide the guidance and solutions that you need to lift the debt burden. Both the call and the counseling session cost nothing.


Is it possible to go to prison for failing to pay back a payday loan

Payday loans in the United States of America are not subject to criminal charges.

Can you repay a payday loan?

Some people may not choose to settle their payday loans to pay off the debt. If you are not within the original terms, settling the debt with payday loan creditors may be the only option to resolve the debt.

Payday loans can help you reduce your debt

CitrusNorth is a debt management company that specializes in payday loan creditors. CitrusNorth is the best way to get rid of payday loan debt with lower interest and affordable monthly payments.


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