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Ways to Apply for a Loan with Poor Credit

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How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit
How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

When life throws unexpected curve balls towards you, you are in need of immediate help. Obtaining loans for individuals with an unimpressive credit history has been very challenging.

Mainly because most credit financial institutions will use the credit score as a measure of your capability to pay back the money that you have borrowed. We all know the process that you are involved in requesting for loans from the conventional lending institutions.

The process is long and large chunks of data and information are needed;  the same with collateral for the loan. When you have bad credit, it seems like it will come back to haunt you every time. When your car is damaged or when you have a medical emergency, you will need a quick cash injection and this is not possible from the conventional lending institutions if you have bad credit.

Less than stellar history can be an inconvenience to many people, however, if you understand how to navigate through the process, you will easily overcome the challenge.

Even if you are repairing your history, this will take time because you simply cannot plan for every financial emergency. In the meantime, you should not stress how you can access credit facilities from various lenders. We will link you with several lending institutions to help you in financing your loan.

They do not consider your credit score, to prove to them that you are already capable of paying back the debt within the stipulated time. Instead of being stuck in a difficult situation, what you have to do is fill out loan request forms on our website and we will link you to reputable lending companies that will provide you with the funds. Obviously, you would not want to put yourself in a financial jeopardy and that is why we believe you can get a loan from lenders in our network.

Personal Loan Requirements

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For you to qualify for a loan from lenders in our network, there are minimum requirements that you must fulfill. These include:

  •  Age or residency status – you need a valid social security number, be a legal United States citizen, and you must be of legal age.
  •  Income – your lender will require you to provide proof of income to show that the funds will be paid back.
  •  Bank account – this should be an active checking account
  •   Credit type – while a low credit score will not eliminate you from getting a loan, your lender will use it to perform a soft credit check.

Steps on How to Get a Loan

Steps on how to get a loan
Steps on how to get a loan

The first step after you have all your requirements in place is to check our website for loan request forms. These forms have been simplified to reduce the time taken during the loan request. You can read more here on how to get a loan

The process is fast and you can check the frequently asked question section for further information if you need to understand more about the loans. If you do not find an answer to your query, we have a professional customer service team who thoroughly guides you in the procedure.

Once you understood all the features of the loan, you can fill out the forms and submit to us. We will forward it to lenders in our network and they will be able to give you a verdict as soon as they can.

Do Your Homework Before Requesting for a Loan

According to CNN Money, it is imperative as a borrower to conduct thorough research to determine the right lender for yourself. You can look at the interest rates, annual percentage rates, later penalty fees, origination fees among others. From these, you can make a better decision.

Lead generators can also help you access the best lenders online. We collaborate with lenders who have credibility and their main aim is to help borrower’s access credit facilities which they could have not in other credit facilities.

Make Sure Your Lender Pulls a Soft Inquiry

Make sure your lender pulls a soft inquiry
Make sure your lender pulls a soft inquiry

When you are requesting for a debt, your lender will be required to make a soft credit check to verify the information that you have given. It’s vital to remember that your lender will perform a soft credit check.

This does not affect your credit score and it can only be seen by you. A hard credit score check will affect your credit score, and you should consult your lender on how they can make a positive payment history in the credit bureau for your credit score to improve. This is essential for building up your credit score.


It is imperative to note that you understand all the charges and interest before requesting for a loan. Just like when you purchase a refinance mortgage, origination fees are charged for lending you the money. You should ask your lender if they charge origination fees, what their current interest rates are the cost of late payments, among others. Moreover, read carefully what was stated in the contract and guidelines of the loan. Do not just sign documents without going through.

Verify Information Before Submission

Many people tend to assume that they are always right. This leads them to make assumptions when dealing with crucial information such as loan request. Make sure you have done everything required on the request form; some lenders will scrutinize your loan request for any error.

This could lead to a dangerous mistake in future if you did not check all the details properly. Never falsify any information when requesting for a debt because your lending firm will validate your data, and this may lead to your disqualification.

What to Look for in an Online Lender

What to Look for in an Online Lender
What to Look for in an Online Lender

There are two main aspects that you should look for in an online lender. These include security and transparency. The internet is filled with scammers and people who claim to offer loans. We assure you that the lending staff in our organization knew the policies, and they adhere to state regulations.

This will help you avoid getting into trouble. You should check if the lender is registered in your state, this could be easily done by contacting the financial regulation bureau. Each state has its own interest rates and cap limits. Once you have established security and transparency of your lender, you can now speak about lending.

Lending firms in our circle do not need you to pay any fees upfront. This is vital because you will not be charged for something that you have not received.

Reputable lenders in our network offer transparent, customer-centered services, and they are here to help you through a tough financial time. Lower credit scores attract higher APR and you should work with your lender to find an interest rate that will be both beneficial for both parties.

It is recommended that you analyze your situation and understand the amount of money that you would like to borrow. This way, you will be in a position to be a responsible borrower and avoid the complex situation where you have borrowed a lot of money and it becomes difficult to repay. Always spend the time to look for the prime lender before you choose to sign any form.


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