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Installment Loans Near Me: Online for Bad Credit

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Do you need to get a installment loans near you or from an internet lender? It’s fantastic that you’re taking the time to read this. On the other hand, Wise borrowers take the time to learn all they can think about different loan options.

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That is why we have put together this comprehensive reference to online installment loans. If you spend the next ten minutes or so on this page, you’ll discover:

  • What is the definition of an installment loan?
  • Installment loan types.
  • How to get a loan when you have poor credit.
  • How to compare and choose the most suitable loans.

We address frequently asked questions in the bonus section.

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What is the difference between an installment loan and a payday loan?

Here’s an example of a hypothetical tale about installment loans:

“Let’s suppose I go to a bank and ask for a $10,000 loan to help me buy a fishing boat. Every month, I get $3,000 in income. I’m left with $500 after all deductions, including housing costs.

The bank offers me a ten percent interest rate since I have an excellent credit score of about 720. They also offer me 24 months to pay back the money.

My salary is expected to be the same for the next two years, according to the lender. They’ve decided to equalize all of my monthly payments. For the next 24 months, I’ll pay $461.45 in equal amounts.”

Now that we’ve established the mechanics of these loans, let’s condense the narrative into a single definition for installment loans:

“An installment loan is a kind of credit instrument in which borrowers pay back the lender in equal and variable monthly or biweekly payments.”

“Biweekly installments” is a new phrase we’ve coined. What exactly does the term imply?

Employees are paid monthly, weekly, or biweekly by their employers. Many government positions, for example, have a biweekly payroll system in which workers are paid for 80 hours of work every two weeks.

Installment loans are usually repaid each time you get a paycheck. If you earn money from your job every two weeks, the lender will expect repayments every two weeks.

Monthly payments versus biweekly installments

So, which is the best option? Biweekly payments, on the other hand, may help you pay off debt quicker. The less time you have to repay your debt, the less interest you will pay.

Wait, if someone pays the lender $1,200 a month, would he pay off the debt quicker if he makes two $600 payments every two weeks?


The key, as it turns out, is in the number of weeks in a year. They last around 52 weeks. Many people, however, just believe that each month has four weeks, bringing the total number of weeks in a year to 48.

That’s not correct.

You gain four more weeks and two more repayments if you select biweekly payments. It’s the equivalent of receiving an additional month to pay off your debt.

Biweekly payments offer additional benefits. For example, it divides your monthly payment into two smaller installments. They may be easier to handle than the whole monthly payment.

Is it feasible to obtain a $100,000 to $1,000,000 installment loan online?

Almost certainly not!

Personal installment loans, after all, are unsecured credit instruments. When a lender secures a loan with the borrower’s assets, they can recover their investment if the borrower fails.

Because mortgage loans are secured against real estate, they may provide large loan sums. It is feasible to recover the loss by selling the home at market prices throughout the foreclosure process.

The loan amount ranges that are often used

The majority of internet lenders provide loans ranging from $500 to $35,000 in size. Some businesses limit their largest loans at $5,000, $10,000, or $25,000, respectively.

A business may be licensed in several states. However, owing to different lending laws, their maximum and minimum loan amounts will vary across state borders due to other lending laws.

Part 2: Bad credit installment loans

“I’d want to borrow a loan, but my credit score is in the 560s,” someone said on an online forum. “Do you think it’s possible?”

That is an excellent question.

When it comes to obtaining credit, a credit score below 620 poses some difficulties. Personal loans from banks will be virtually difficult to get.

Instead, you might look into poor credit loans. If you satisfy specific basic lending criteria, they may accept your loan application.

Even with poor credit, there are specific requirements to meet to be accepted for an installment loan

  • Minimum income requirement: Most lenders will need that you earn at least $1,000 after deductions to qualify for a short-term installment loan with a duration of up to 24 months.
  • Checking account: The majority of lenders require borrowers to have a checking account.
  • Permanent address: You must have a street address that will not change. When filling out a loan request form, it’s common to include information about where you reside.
  • Adult status: In your state, you must have reached the age of majority. In certain states, the age limit is lower than 18 years. In Alabama, for example, you must be 19 years old to be considered financially responsible.

Alert! Expect increased interest rates and smaller loan amounts

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but here’s the truth: Borrowing loans with a poor credit score will cost you more (FICO 669 and below).

Is it simply greed on the part of lenders to demand exorbitant interest rates on a poor credit installment loan?

Nope! It’s the only way they’ll be able to keep making money even if some borrowers fail.

“If you purchased a bunch of overripe bananas, you’ll have to sell each piece at a premium to break even,” for example. That’s because the majority of the goods are likely to decay and become unsellable.

If you have a supply of nearly-ripe bananas, the chances of some going bad are slim. You still have a chance to break even if you sell them at a reasonable price.”

The same logic may be used for installment loans.

If your FICO score is between 620 and 669, you may expect double-digit interest rates, but not more than 36%.

A credit score of less than 619 will put you at risk of triple-digit APRs. Some lending firms, for example, charge as much as 400 percent for poor credit loans. Furthermore, the amount you may borrow is limited to $5,000.

Part 3: Installment loan types

Any loan that is repaid in installments is referred to as an installment loan. It turns out that this repayment arrangement is available on a variety of credit products. Among them are the following:

Automobiles and automobile loans

New automobiles are very costly! You’ll almost always need to look for funding through a bank, credit union, or internet lender. Auto loans are available with durations ranging from one to eight years.

The longer the term of your loan, the cheaper your monthly payments will be. However, you may end up paying more interest in the long run. Dealers charge higher loan rates on used automobiles than on new cars, which is interesting.


Even if your home loan includes variable interest rates, it is still an installment loan, which means your monthly payments will fluctuate when the rates change. The loan term may be up to 30 years due to the high loan amount. They are secured against the equity of the property, unlike personal loans.

Personal loans in the traditional sense

Borrowing money from a lender for personal purposes is known as a personal loan. The lender has no control over spending the money, such as car loans or mortgages. Some personal loans are backed by collateral. Others don’t have any personal belongings connected to them.

No credit check short-term installment loans

They vary from conventional personal loans in that they are available to individuals with low or acceptable credit ratings. When pre-approving borrowers, for example, it’s common for banks to do a rigorous credit check.

The online lender will run a soft credit inquiry when performing a background check for “no credit check” loans. Credit scores play a role in whether or not you are accepted for a loan. However, the interest rates and costs charged by the loan will be influenced by your credit score.

Short term loans” are credit instruments having a loan period of fewer than 12 months.

No credit check long-term installment financing

The lender will not accept you based on a hard credit check, as with short-term installment loans. The loan is for 24 months. Some businesses have periods of up to 60 months (5 years).

Loans for students

Student loans are referred to as installment loans since they are repaid in monthly installments. When it comes to federal loans, you have the option of paying equal monthly payments or progressive monthly payments that rise over time. Deferments and other unique features are available with student loans.

Installment loans may be used in ten different ways

The cost of an installment loan, believe it or not, impacts how you may utilize it. Let’s start with the most important uses for low-interest loans, with annual percentage rates ranging from 5.89 percent to 35.99 percent.

  1. Consolidation of debts.
  2. You are increasing your credit score.
  3. I am obtaining capital for a new business endeavor.
  4. We are making a significant investment.
  5. You’re renovating your house.

If you take out a poor credit loan, the APR may be triple digits, making the loan prohibitively costly.

Installment loans for those with bad credit are just too costly to utilize for things like purchasing a new lawnmower. Here are some of the most significant applications for them:

  1. Expenses for your loved ones’ medical care.
  2. When you’re on the verge of getting evicted, you have to pay your rent.
  3. Avoiding disconnection by paying past-due utility bills.
  4. Repairing your vehicle when it’s most needed for commuting to work.
  5. Providing funding for an unexpected move.

High-APR loans cannot be used for the same purposes as low-interest loans.

Part 4: The Complete Truth About Payday Installment Loans

Here’s a definition of payday loans before we get into the hybrid that is the payday-installment loan:

“A payday loan is a small-dollar, short-term credit instrument. It’s unique in that you pay it back in a single lump amount on the day you get your salary.”

We refer to payday loans as payday installment loans when they have up to three months. The main drawback of these loans is their exorbitant annual percentage rates.

For example, the typical annual percentage rate (APR) for installment payday loans is about 400 per payday loan’s interest accrues daily. The longer you hold the debt, the more interest you will have to pay.

What is the maximum amount you may borrow with a three-month payday installment loan?

The loan amount is between $100 and $2500.

Who is it that makes these loans?

Tribal lenders provide the majority of internet installment loans. Some of these businesses are located on tribal territory, while others are based on reservations.

The Four Risks of Installment Payday Loans

1) Exceptional APRs

The only time you should take out online payday installment loans is if you have no other options. We suggest starting with lenders that have lower APRs.

2) It’s risky to skip a payment

Even if you miss a payment on these loans, interest accrues every day. Furthermore, if the loan is past due, the lender may impose a late payment penalty.

3) Money is immediately deducted from your account

Borrowers must set up automatic payments with the majority of online lending providers. Most internet businesses choose to check accounts since they allow for automated debits.

Payments on auto loans aren’t all terrible! They may help you avoid the stress of failing to pay your loan on time. When you don’t have enough money in your account, you’re at risk.

If the lender tries to charge your account, but the transaction fails, the bank may charge you $35 in NSF costs. It raises your expenses.

4) Possibility of predatory behavior

What is the point at which a loan becomes predatory? We believe it occurs when a lender acts in their own best interests without regard for your financial situation.

The practice of “rolling over a debt,” which is already prohibited in 21 states, is one of the most exploitative.

A rollover occurs when your loan business charges you extra costs to prolong your loan’s due date.

Sure, it seems to be innocuous. However, keep in mind that a longer duration means more interest accrues.

Some clients’ debts have been doubled many times. You’re in a debt trap or loop if you’re stuck in short-term borrowing for the majority of the year.

Try these six installment loan alternatives to payday loans

1) Become a member of a credit union

Credit unions bring individuals together who have similar interests. They may be coworkers, residents of a certain neighborhood, or graduates of a specific university. Members with poor credit make up certain credit unions.

You’ll have access to the same goods that banks and internet lenders provide, only that they are available at a lower cost. You may apply for payday alternative loans through credit unions, for example.

2) Credit cards with no annual percentage rate

These cards are interest-free for a certain period in the hopes of converting you into a paying client. They’re used by businesses to attract new customers.

But be cautious while signing up for them. You never want to be late with a payment. If you do, you will be charged a penalty APR by the credit card company.

3) Peer-to-peer loans 

The typical American offers peer-to-peer loans. They are rarely the result of a lending company’s efforts. A peer-to-peer loan is when you borrow money from your friends.

Various platforms, for example, have made it simpler to execute these loans by enabling parties to set up automatic repayments. You can even get a peer-to-peer loan from someone you’ve never met before.

4) Seek rental aid or financial support

There is no shame in asking for assistance. And you can get the help you need in a variety of locations. You may join the Housing Voucher Program, for example, to receive money to pay your rent. If your vehicle breaks down and you have no other means of transportation, the Good News Garage is a good option.

5) Consult a debt counselor

Debt counseling is suggested for those who are already in debt. Online, you may simply locate free credit counseling.

6) Boost your earnings

It’s both a short- and long-term plan. You may, for example, work in the gig economy. The new designation you acquire as a result of furthering your study may lead to a promotion.

Part 5: How to Locate the Most Beneficial Installment Loans

Shopping for an online loan may seem like traversing the aisles of a supermarket comparing various household cleaners, with so many lending firms on the market. So, what should you be on the lookout for a while, looking for the most acceptable loans?

When comparing installment loans online, there are five factors to keep in mind

  • APRs:

    The APR of a loan comprises the interest rate as well as any fees. It is the entire cost of the loan for a year. You should pick lenders with the lowest APRs if you want to save money. The interest rate that the lender is willing to charge may be stated in a loan offer. When you apply on various lender websites or right here at CitrusNorth, you may get loan offers.

  • How much do you need in terms of a loan?

    The optimum loan amount covers all of your expenditures plus a little more for unexpected needs. Don’t be overjoyed if the lender gives you more money than you need. You just want to discover the most suitable lender for your requirements.

  • Fees for the loan’s origination are typically deducted from the loan’s principal.

    If a lender offers you $10,000 but subtracts 5% as an origination charge, you’ll only get $9,500. So, look for the lender with the lowest origination costs and think about the overall loan cost. Although other businesses offer cheaper origination costs, their APRs are more significant.

  • Many people’s financial goal is to be debt-free at the end of their loan term

    Ensure you obtain a term that enables you to pay off the loan quicker while keeping your monthly payments reasonable.

  • Policy on early repayment:

    Some businesses may punish you if you pay off your loan ahead of time. Look for lenders that enable you to make early payments.


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Author: Gemma Elizabeth Donalds

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