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We’re Here to Help You Receive Cash When You Need It:

1. Simple Application

Make an online loan application. It takes only a few minutes to complete and is accessible all day, seven days a week, to make it easier for you. We have received some favorable reviews about online loans for unsecured on our CitrusNorth website.

2. Rapid Approval

Check your details through Customer Service, and you could be approved within minutes. Customer Care staff are eager and ready to assist you in getting your online short-term loan application in a hurry so that, if approved, you’ll be able to access the money you need on the next working day.

3. Quick Financing

If you are approved, the requested funds are typically in your account on the following working day. Think about applying for a temporary online loan with CitrusNorth.

Why should you choose CitrusNorth?

Since 2011, we have continued to serve many new clients as we spread our reach across our coverage across the United States with various credit options. Apart from being an online creditor and a credit provider, we offer our customers through the CC Flow Line of Credit that is offered through CC Flow, a division of Capital Community Bank.

Online loans for short-term use available on the CitrusNorth website comprise Installment Loans and Lines of Credit. With CitrusNorth, you can anticipate:

  • An easy online loan application procedure
  • Fast loan approval
  • Your money will be there the following business day*
  • Friendly and fast customer service
  • Transparency, no hidden charges
  • A secure and safe online platform

We are committed to providing five-star service to our customers. A range of easy internet-based loans is available on our CitrusNorth website. The process of applying for a loan is fast and straightforward. If your application gets accepted and you are approved, you will be paid the following workday.

Installment Loans : Get Online 

Installment loans are short-term online loans that are repayable over time. If you’re approved, you’ll see the total amount of the loan in your bank account on the next day of business.

The repayment of loan term period will vary between five and 18 months, dependent on the state in which you reside. Through the duration of your loan, you’ll be required to pay your installments to repay the loan usually on a monthly or bi-weekly, or semi-monthly basis, based on the frequency at which you receive your payment.

There is no penalty for early payment (paying before or in advance of the scheduled installment) in an installment loan. The repayment terms vary from state to state and will depend on the term of the loan.

The CitrusNorth Installment Loan may be utilized for various reasons, including car and home repairs, medical bills, or any other unexpected, non-recurring expense. These short-term loans online are available currently for Delaware, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Lines of Credit

If you’re trying to access funds fast* Then a line of credit could be the right choice for you. This is a free borrowing choice that differs from traditional short-term online loans such as installment and payday loans as it offers more control over the flow of cash.

When your request is accepted, then you can use the entire credit limit at once, or lesser amounts over time as long as you’ve got credit*. For Lines of Credit available through CitrusNorth, you are only charged for the amount you’ve taken out and not the entire credit limit.

There are two kinds of Lines of Credit available through CitrusNorth:

CitrusNorth Line of Credit

This CitrusNorth Line of Credit is accessible to all new customers from Kansas and Tennessee. A-Line of Credit is ideal for covering unexpected expenses that could arise in your everyday life. For more specific rates and terms, check out our rate and conditions page.

CC Flow Line of Credit

The CC Flow Line of Credit is available by CitrusNorth across Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Wyoming. Other states will be added shortly. Be sure to check back frequently to find out whether this CC Flow Line of Credit is available in the state of your residence.

The CC Flow Line of Credit is offered through CC Flow, a division of Capital Community Bank (CCBank), a Utah Chartered bank with its headquarters at Provo, Utah, Member FDIC. CitrusNorth serves as an approved servicer for CC Flow. Consumers can request a CC Flow Line of Credit via CitrusNorth’s website. 

Payday loans : Get it Online

Payday loans are personal, low-cost, short-term online loans that are typically paid back by the due date for your next paycheck. These loans are to be used for short-term purposes only and not a long-term solution to financial problems.

They can be used to pay for unexpected expenses that arise between paydays, such as emergency car repairs or other bills that are not recurring.

A responsible lending institution, credit services provider, and loan service alternative to payday loans include Installment loans and Lines of Credit, are provided by CitrusNorth.

In contrast to payday loans, these loans are typically repayable over a long time frame with many installments. We advise customers to make sure they are borrowing from a trustworthy loan provider or credit service provider.


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