Short Term Business Loans Online

CitrusNorth offers Short-Term Loans Online to Meet Your Needs

For borrowers who require funds to make a business investment such as expanding, starting a new project or for large purchases that cannot be paid with a credit card, short term business loans online can be a great choice.

CitrusNorth’s short-term loan is a type installment loan that provides a lump sum of cash for you to use in any way you like. Your funds will be in your bank account within a few hours of approval. You can also pay it back according to your project schedule.

Short term business loans : online

A short-term loan is a type of financing that can be repaid within one year. CitrusNorth, however, offers repayment terms that can be extended up to 24 months. With loan amounts that vary among lenders, short term loans are available to help cover a variety of business expenses.

A borrower’s interest rate for a short-term loan can vary depending on their credit score, income, and other factors. CitrusNorth offers competitive interest rates on short-term loans. Our pricing system is transparent so you will always know the cost of capital upfront.

Benefits for Your Business : Short Term Loans Online

  • Same-day Funding:

    Standard ACH bank transfer takes up to three days. CitrusNorth allows you to get funds into your bank account as soon as 5:00 PM the same day.

  • Loyalty benefits:

    Customers who are current CitrusNorth customers will have their interest waived when they take out a new CitrusNorth small-business loan. You can also get a lower, or even zero origination fee for your next loan.

  • Credit building for businesses:

    We can help build your credit score by making timely payments that we report to the bureaus.

  • Prepayment Benefits:

    If eligible, you can pay off your loan early and get all interest waived.

  • Fixed, predictable payments:

    You will pay the same amount from start to finish of your repayment term. This allows you to manage your cash flow without any surprises or high costs.

  • Transparent pricing:

    Our  SMART Box® Capital Comparator Tool will give you a detailed breakdown of the cost of your term loan, including all terms that are important to you in evaluating loan offers.

A short-term loan is available to meet your business’s specific needs

We know that borrowing a loan for business can be costly. Before you decide whether you are eligible for business financing, consider the following key question: “How will this loan be used to finance my business?”

Based on the answers, you might decide that a short-term loan is right fit for you. A loan can be a great way to help your business grow. These are the top reasons why business owners choose to apply for a loan.

There are four ways to get a short-term loan

  1. Reopening your business
  2. Expanding to a new area
  3. Renovating your home is a smart investment.
  4. Marketing campaigns that finance

Applying at CitrusNorth for a short-term loan is easy

Step 1. Submit the application

The application process is easy and can be done online or by phone.

Step 2. Get a decision

A dedicated loan advisor will discuss your options with you.

Step 3. Receive your funds

You can complete the online checkout to receive your funds in as little as one day.

FAQs: CitrusNorth term loans

What is Same Day Funding and how can it help you?

Same-day funding is easy as it sounds. You can receive funds as soon as you close your term loan with CitrusNorth. No additional fees or special enrollment are required.

What small business loans are available in addition to my term loan?

Because every business is different, we have different loan options for you. CitrusNorth makes it easy to apply.

If approved, you might be eligible for a small-business line of credit along with your existing term loan. In many cases, you can even start both simultaneously. For other types of small business loans, check out this page.

What is the SMART Box®?

When it comes to selecting a lender, transparency is crucial. CitrusNorth created the Smart Box Capital Comparison Tool. This tool is simple to understand and provides a standardized breakdown of your capital cost. All members of the Innovative Lending Platform Association can use the SMART Box.

What are the benefits of loyalty?

We value loyalty and make it easy for you to get additional funding. After your current or initial loan has been paid off 50%, you can apply for a renewal of your loan. You will not be charged interest on any existing loans. There may be a lower origination fee or no charge.

What is payback?

CitrusNorth makes it easy to pay back your term loan. Automatic bank account deductions make it simple so that you don’t worry about missing a payment. Based on the information provided by CitrusNorth, the daily or weekly payment will be determined based upon the amount and term of your financing.

What is the cost of this?

Interest rates start at 35% annual percentage rate (APR). Your personal credit score, business credit, cash flow, and time in business will all impact the total cost of your short-term loan.

What if I have poor credit?

CitrusNorth does not offer “bad credit loans“. However, having bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be eligible for business financing. Borrowers who have difficulty getting approved for traditional installment loans or credit cards may be eligible for our short-term loans.