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CitrusNorth can provide short-term loans financing : Online

Short-term loans online are often used to fund emergency repairs such as car repairs or home repairs. You can get the same expenses paid by either an installment loan or a credit line. You can use both personal CitrusNorth credit lines and installment loans to get short-term funding for emergencies.

Personal Loan

  • * Maximum $10,000
  • Funds upfront in a lump sum
  • Ideal for immediate expenses
  • Unsecured (no collateral required)
  • Pay more than six months to 5 years

Line of Credit

  • Maximum $4,500
  • Revolving Access to Funds
  • Ideal for emergencies as they arise
  • Unsecured (no collateral required)
  • The amount that you borrowed will determine the number of your repayments

No collateral is required. Fast funding available

There are no collateral requirements, and the application process is quick. If funds are approved, they will usually be deposited the next day or sooner.

A decision can be made that relies on more than just your credit score

CitrusNorth’s sophisticated algorithms consider your financial picture, not just credit score when you apply.

It is possible to pay it back at a time that suits your schedule

If you’re approved for personal loans, you can choose the best payment plan. You can also pay the loan off early without paying any prepayment fees. This will save you interest. As long as you pay the minimum amount, you can spend more for each billing period.

What we offer : Short Term Loans Online

CitrusNorth offers credit lines up to $4,000. Our lending partner Republic Bank & Trust Company Member FDIC, provides personal loans up to $10,000*.

Depending on where you live and how you apply, you may be eligible for either one or both of these lending products. To find out more and see the Rates & Terms, please visit.

How it works : Short Term Loans Online

Check your eligibility

In just seconds, you can check how much money you could borrow with a secured request.

Take a look at your offer

Choose what you need, and then check the terms and amounts to see if they are appropriate.

You have control over your money

If funds are approved, they’ll be deposited the next day or sooner.

Learn how CitrusNorth customers may get a loan for short-term expenses

  • Joyce urgently needs to fix her home, so she applies for a loan.
  • Joyce looks online for CitrusNorth. Joyce could be eligible for a personal loan from CitrusNorth. It will allow her to access the money that she needs and take her more extended time to repay than a short-term loan.
  • Joyce files a loan application. Within minutes she gets a decision. From the variety of options available, she can adjust the amount and term to meet her needs.
  • Joyce signs the contract. Joyce signed the agreement as she submitted her application before 7 a.m. CT. On weekdays, approval was made before 9 a.m. She receives her funds later on in the day.


Which types of short-term loans do you most like?

Payday loans and credit card cash advances are the most popular personal short-term loans. These loans offer a lump sum of cash to the customer.

The money is usually paid back within a few months or the next payday. Customers can also choose to overdrawn their bank accounts.

Bank loans are technically not a loan, but they can be an option for some customers. However, these loans often come with high fees, which could make a term loan less attractive.

CitrusNorth personal loans are comparable to 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day loans

CitrusNorth offers term loans that include personal loans and 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day loans. The customer can receive a lump sum up front and then pay it back over a specified period.

CitrusNorth personal loans differ from short-term loans. CitrusNorth lets customers borrow more money and pay it back over a more extended time. Your loan can be paid off earlier than the term. There is no penalty.

A line credit is an excellent option for short-term funds

It’s possible. It is possible to feel confident that funds will be available when you need them. To have funds in your checking account, request a draw within 24 hours.

Can I get a loan for a temporary term even if I have bad credit?

It depends. It all depends on your credit score. This technology makes it possible to approve traditional credit forms even though you’ve had trouble getting credit.

CitrusNorth can improve my credit score

Short-term lenders rarely report payment history to credit bureaus. CitrusNorth credit lines and personal loans report payment history to TransUnion or Experian. This information could be helpful for borrowers in building credit history through timely payments.

Can I repay my CitrusNorth loan sooner than expected?

CitrusNorth provides flexible payment options to help you repay your debts quickly and without any penalties or fees. You can also set up an electronic fund transfer (EFT) as a recurring option. This will make sure you don’t forget about a due date. Find out more about our repayment options.