Payday Loan Consolidation


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Do you need payday loan consolidation?

Are you familiar with the payday loan consolidation? If your answer is no, then now is the time for you to know what it is all about and how it can help you (and your personal credit) financially in no time.

payday loan consolidation

Are you drowning in credit card debts? Do you want to be debt free? Do you find yourself relying on credit cards whenever you purchase stuff? Do you want to change your current financial situation? Worry no more, help is here on Citrus North!

In case you didn’t know, hundreds and thousands of people across the globe are drowning in debt. You are not alone in this type of financial situation. Having said that, people who are deep in debt usually suffer from the following scenarios:

  • Piles and piles of current payday loans
  • Credit card debts due to the usage of several credit cards
  • Default personal loan payments
  • Mortgages
  • Unpaid personal utility bills

Given the following pointers above, we at Citrus North understand how hard it is to come up with a well-thought payment plan for debt settlement (which will also improve personal credit).

Especially if you are dealing with the harassing collection or credit calls of payday loan lenders. Plus the long list of personal credit card debts that you have due to your poor money spending habits. Thus, you find yourself short on cash and drowning deeply in personal debt because of it the things on the list.

Payday loan help with multiple loans

That is what payday loan consolidation is all about. To help you eliminate debt by curating a strategic financial plan for you to repay your payday loans without the hassle and pressure of doing so.

Having said that, consolidating your payday loans will help you achieve the following below:

  • The reduction of the payday loan balance and monthly payment
  • The actual payday loan consolidation of several payments into one monthly payment plan
  • Saving more money for other things rather than making loan payments
  • Improve your personal credit in the long run

What is a Payday Loan Consolidation?

A payday loan consolidation, also known as debt consolidation loan, is a type of personal loan for people with bad credit and/or poor personal credit scores. This personal loan guarantees you to get the debt settlement and consolidation services that you need for your current financial situation.

Payday loan consolidation consists of two parts:

  • Payday loan consolidation program – This consolidation service is a better option for you, we highly recommend it here on Citrus North. This financial program involves giving the borrower a monthly payment plan that perfectly fits their financial capacity (budget). With that being said, you as the borrower do not have to manage and handle multiple payday loans or surrender collateral (property, asset, goods, etc.) at stake to the payday loan debt consolidation company.
  • Debt consolidation loan – The debt consolidation loans involve surrendering collateral at stake to the payday loan debt consolidation company. Yes, when securing this type of personal loan, you must surrender collateral for security purposes. If you want to get unsecured loans as you consolidate payday installment, then you will pay higher interest rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), and other fees that come with the loan.

payday loan application

A payday loan debt consolidation company offers debt relief services (such as this one) either on-site or online such as here on Citrus North.

This type of loan is not secure. Meaning to say, there is no physical collateral (such as your property, goods, assets) that you need to surrender. All you have to do is to provide a written agreement which states your promise to pay the cash on time or before the maturity date (due date).


Do you need to secure assets with payday loan consolidation?

In some cases, some consolidating companies still require the borrower to provide one of your assets as collateral. Such collateral that these companies typically require are as follows:

  • House and lot
  • Car (outright ownership)
  • Accounts under your name, such as bank account, debit card, and even insurance policies
  • Other properties under your name (outright ownership as much as possible)

Provided that, consolidating all your payday loans is the best (and may even be the only option left) solution for clients with a bad personal credit score (also called as debtors) with a large amount of debt.

What are the Requirements and Qualifications?

As a borrower, the basic terms and conditions that will determine whether you qualify for this debt assistance.

So, without further ado, to qualify for a payday loan consolidation, you must have the following requirements below:

Requirements and Qualifications to Obtain a Payday Loan Consolidation

Basic InformationYour basic contact and personal information (see online application form above)
Identification (ID)Government-issued valid IDs with a clear photo of you on it.
Citizenship and residenceHere on Citrus North, we require our borrowers to be a U.S. Citizen (either by nationality, native-born, naturalization, etc.) and must be a permanent resident.
Legal ageTo apply for our debt relief services, the borrower must be at least 18 years old.
Active accounts under your nameBank and/or checking account
Proof of employmentCertificate of employment (COE) or any proof that you have a stable and/or regular job
Proof of incomeLatest paystubs or payslips from your company and/or employer. This is to state the level of your financial capacity. Your proof of income also
CollateralMajority of the consolidating companies only require the borrower’s signature (electronic signature if you apply online, such as here on Citrus North) as the collateral. However, some still require their borrowers to surrender one of their assets, properties, goods, etc.
Co-signer, co-guarantor, co-makerThe co-signer serves as a representative of the borrower. In case the borrower fails to repay the payday loan consolidation program, the consolidating company will contact the
Co-signer, co-guarantor, co-maker
List of credit card debts
Some debt consolidation programs ask their borrowers to surrender their credit cards as a part of the credit counseling. This is to discipline the borrower to limit and/or avoid using credit cards. As for the debt relief services, your debt negotiator will request for a list of your credit card debts so that they will come up with the best monthly payment plan for you

How does Payday Loan Consolidation Work?

Do you have any problems with on-site and online payday loan lenders? Is cash flow an issue? If your answer is yes, then you must consolidate your installment payday loans right now.

payday loans

So, without further ado, here is how our payday loan consolidation service work:

  1. First and foremost, upon receiving your application, we will review your financial concern.
  2. Then we will connect you to a reputable loan debt consolidation company.
  3. The payday loan debt consolidation company will offer a variety of monthly payment plan options that they see fit to your financial capability. If the borrower is a first-timer, the majority of the consolidating companies (such as we at Citrus North) offer free credit counseling. They will closely evaluate your current financial situation and help you narrow down the list of the most affordable monthly payment plan options for you. This is so that you can choose what is best for your financial capability.
  4. Once the borrower chooses a monthly payment plan, the payday loan debt consolidation company will assign a loan consolidator (also called as a debt negotiator). The consolidator will give you the debt settlement and consolidation service that you need. With that being said, the debt negotiator will be the one who will work closely with your payday loan lenders (pdl lender). They will be the one responsible for negotiating with the payday loan lenders to lessen the rates and potentially waive off the additional fees and service charges.

To sum it up, this debt settlement and consolidation service is the best solution to your current financial situation. Especially if you find yourself struggling to pay off your credit card debts and get harassing collection calls from payday loan lenders every single day. Payday loan consolidation is a wise money move.

Having said that, we guarantee you that the loan consolidation program will help you repay all the balances of your credit cards (including loans and other debts). As we do all the debt settlement work for you, you will have the time to rebuild and improve your personal credit scores. Consolidation of payday loans has the added benefit of improved credit in the long run via simple payments.

When Should You Consolidate Your Payday Loans?

The payday loan consolidation program of Citrus North comes in handy if you are currently in the situation where:

  • You are having a hard time to repay all your current payday loans (and other loans in particular) with high-interest rates and annual percentage rates (APRs).
  • You wish to protect your next paycheck money from the payday loan lenders.
  • You are feeling stressed about the financial crises that you are in due to debts in bad payday loans.
  • You want to improve your long term credit by paying off your debt in a manageable way.
  • You have too many installments to manage your finances

How Much do I have to Pay Every Month?

The upcoming monthly payments for the payday loan debt consolidation program varies on each and every borrower. With that being said, your monthly payment amount depends on the following factors below:

  • How many payday loan lenders are willing to lessen the interest rates and annual percentage rates (APRs)
  • How many outstanding payday loans that the borrower has
  • The amount of money funded in the separate account (for payday loan consolidation program purposes only)

How to Start with the Loan Consolidation here on?


Citrus North provides loan consolidation program without any hassle. We also offer debt consolidation loans, here is how the process is done when you choose us to do the debt settlement for you:

  1. One of our financial advisors here on Citrus North will discuss how to consolidate installment payday loans and the program in detail. Having said that, if this is your first time to do this, our financial advisor will explain all the policies such as the No Result Fund Policy; the fees that come with it; and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) who will deal with the payday loan lenders.
  2. Our financial advisor will ask you as a borrower if you want to be a client of a particular payday loan debt consolidation company. This is a part of the evaluation process after answering all your queries regarding the debt relief services.
  3. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) will check and analyze your current payday loan problems immediately. This includes checking if your payday loans are legal or not. If your payday loans are legal, our CRA here on Citrus North will determine the maximum rate that you need to pay. On the contrary, if the payday loans are illegal, our CRA will immediately report it to you. If that is the case, all you have to do as a borrower is to pay for the principal amount. Aside from the debt assistance that our loan consolidation program offers, we will also take legal actions on the illegal payday loan lenders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Payday Loan Consolidations

In case you have any more queries concerning the payday loan. We list some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs), read on below and see if we have included one your questions.

Can I go to Jail for not Paying a Payday Loan?

No. Payday loan lenders will only list borrowers who fail to pay on time as a defaulter. Then depending on the payday loan lender, they may require you to submit your name and some personal details to the regulatory board agency in your local state.

With that being said, the regulatory agency may send your name to other payday loan lenders. Thus, you are ban to access payday loans until you settle your current payday loans.

Once you are on the list, other payday loan lenders, including lending companies, banking institutions, and other financial companies will list you as a defaulter. That is why you must consolidate all the installments of your payday loans in as soon as possible.

We make it possible here on Citrus North because applying and getting one is purely done online. Plus, we guarantee that you will get the debt relief and assistance in no time.

Can I go to Jail Because of an Illegal Payday Loan?

No. Neither payday loan lenders nor the illegal ones who have authorization can put you to jail if you have default a payment (fail to pay on time or missed a payment).

Can a Payday Loan Lender Take me to Court for not Paying a Payday Loan?

Unfortunately, yes. But the payday loan lender will make collection calls to constantly remind the borrower about his debt. Nevertheless, collection calls allow a borrower to tell the payday loan lenders the reason why you are unable to repay the loan and credit card debts yet. Then you can also give them an extension date as to when you plan to repay the loan and arrange a debt settlement with them.

Most of the time, your payday loan will incur additional rates and fees plus an extension of the monthly payment. The payday loan lenders will then require the borrower to confirm that you will pay the payday loan together with the additional late payment fees and/or charges.

While payday loan lenders cannot put you to jail for your unpaid payday loans, they have the authorization to sue you at court. Thus, you will still have a criminal record. Plus, there are higher chances of a default judgment should you lose the case.

Should you have any more questions about the options regarding consolidating your loans, please feel free to call us. Here on Citrus North, we are more than willing to help you get the debt settlement and consolidation service that you need the most today. If you do not have any concerns about this, please do not hesitate to fill up and submit an application to us for review.


Can you repay pdl (payday loans) using a credit card?

Yes, you can pay existing pdls using a credit card or a low-interest personal loan. There are options available.


Why Choose Citrus North for Your Loan Consolidation Program?


There a variety of reasons, benefits, and/or advantages why you must choose Citrus North, among other options, to consolidate pdl installment. With that being said, you must choose Citrus North and here are a number of reasons why:

  1. No hidden fees and charges – With Citrus North, we assure you that there are no hidden provisions, hidden fees, upfront fees, and service charges on your loan request, quote, and application. That is because we understand and know that you need debt relief services and not an added debt. You will know what you are paying with our company.
  2. Fast application process – We guarantee you that upon submitting your application form, you will get debt relief services in no time. In just a few clicks, our company will give you (the customer) a variety of debt consolidation programs with payment plans that are perfect for your financial situation. That is because we understand that unexpected expenses and emergencies do not care about how much money you have in the bank. That is why we make the application process as fast (our review process is efficient) as we can so that you have access to our debt consolidation programs and debt consolidation loans. In addition to the fast application process, we also process debt consolidation loans and other unsecured loans the same day or the next business day!
  3. Solid privacy – Even though the entire process is done online here on Citrus North, we strongly assure you that all your details and information remain private. We highly value your privacy and confidentiality, our company has a team of customer service representatives who are trained to assist the customer and keep your request confidential. Having said that, your personal and private information is absolutely safe with us.
  4. Easy requirements and qualifications – As mentioned above, those are the only things we require our borrowers (customer) to provide. No more, no less because we understand that you need the money urgently. Our requirements and qualifications here on Citrus North are basic.
  5. Online processing – When you choose Citrus North, you do not need to worry about running errands just to get a consolidation service. Everything is done online with us here, just a few clicks here and there and you get the debt relief services that you need! You can start paying off your expenses in no time.
  6. No binding agreements – Here on Citrus North, we do not harass our borrowers by sending personal emails, letters, text messages, and calls after you pay your debt consolidation loan in full. With that being said, we do not require our borrowers to browse and apply for our unsecured loans in the future. But if you need Citrus North in the future, we are more than willing to help you out anytime. Please do not hesitate to call us whenever you need financial help.
  7. Accredited by the business bureau – Citrus North is a legitimate company, we are BBB accredited. So there is no reason for you to worry if we are illegal because you can look us up on the business bureau to check it for yourself.

Given the following pointers above, we guarantee you that you will be debt free when you choose Citrus North. Here on Citrus North, we make it extremely convenient for borrowers like you to rebuild your credit scores and improve your financial situation.

Start your payday loan consolidation journey now!

Are you still in doubt about this? Then stop having second thoughts whether you will try the payday loan. Please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can answer all your inquiries about it today.

Finally, here on Cirus North, you will no longer drown deep in your debt problems. We guarantee you that you will be debt free from now on. This is because we also offer free credit counseling apart from our debt relief services, debt consolidation programs, secured and unsecured loans.

With that being said, we highly assure you that you will be debt free from now on if you avail one of our consolidation program. Aside from that, we also offer a variety of debt consolidation programs and debt relief services (such as our consolidation service) whatever your financial situation is.

So, what are you waiting for? Just fill up our online application form here on Citrus North, we will connect you to a reputable consolidating company in no time.