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A Way Out of Payday Loan Debt

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Our Program

A payday loan consolidation is a process where the borrower hires a company to negotiate their payday loan debt directly with the lender to hopefully decrease the amount that he/she must pay back. Typically this takes place with payday loan consolidation companies setting up a savings account in the borrower’s name, the borrower making small monthly payments into that account, and finally the negotiator using the funds to negotiate a settlement. By using a payday loan consolidation company to negotiate directly with the lender, the interest on your loans stop accruing. If this sounds like a process that could help you then call our toll free number to speak to a representative today!

Do you need help?

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you need financial help. Debt has a way of creeping up on you and what once seemed like an easy balance to pay off can suddenly look impossible. Only you will be able to decide if you need help getting rid of your payday loans, but if you are constantly receiving phone calls, letters, and/or emails from the payday loan company or a collection agency then that may be a sign that your debt is too much for you to handle alone.

Another reason to ask for payday loan help is if you cannot see yourself overcoming your payday loan debt within 1 year. A year of unpaid and overdue debt can drastically damage your credit, but with a payday loan consolidation some programs can be completed within 6-18 months! If payday loan debt is plaguing you and you cannot see yourself paying it off alone then don’t wait another minute call our toll free number or fill out the online application today!



Payday loan debt consolidation (also known as payday loan debt settlement) starts when you choose the company to help you. The company you choose will discuss your debt with you, calculate your monthly payment, open a savings account in your name, wait for funds to accrue and then begin negotiating with your creditors. The whole payday loan debt consolidation process typically takes between 6-18 months from start to finish. Several variables can affect how long the process takes, such as:

1. The amount of payday loan debt you have – this includes any online or storefront payday loans you may have.

2. How much you can afford to pay into your savings account each month. This will be a figure discussed by you and your payday loan consolidation company. Typically your consolidation company will ask about your monthly income and expenses to calculate this figure.

3. How much your consolidation company is able to negotiate on your behalf. Because your payday loan companies are under no legal obligation to agree to a settlement amount, the negotiating will be different with each one. However, most payday loan companies know that it is in their best interest to get some money from you, even if it isn’t the full payment.

If you have more questions about the process of payday loan debt consolidation, payday loan debt settlement, or about how much your monthly payments would be in the program then call our toll free number to speak to one of our representatives today.

Be Debt Free

Have you asked yourself this question today? Unfortunately payday loans don’t just disappear; here’s the simple answer to how to get rid of payday loans: pay them off or file a bankruptcy. If you choose the first option then you can either pay the loans off in full or hire a company like us to help you negotiate exactly what you have to pay back. If you choose bankruptcy then the debt can be erased if you qualify, but will leave a negative mark on your credit for 7-10 years.

Payday loan lenders are notorious for using whatever means possible to make sure you pay back your loan, so let us help you before it gets to be too much. Fill out our online application or call our toll free number to speak with a representative today!