Quick personal loans: the best lenders for quick cash

Quick loans: what to know before borrowing

  • Loans payday lenders and pawn shop can get you money fast, but these options come with high annual percentage rates. Loans from reputable online lenders may take longer, but cost much less.

  • Know what you need apply for the loan so that the lender can quickly verify your identity and other information. Some lenders claim that their ability to fund a loan quickly depends on borrowers’ responsiveness to requests for documentation.

  • Shop with several lenders and choose the loan with the lowest rate. Most online lenders let you prequalified with a gentle credit check to estimate your rate. It will not impact your credit score.

Quick loans for bad credit

Some lenders offer quick loans to borrowers with bad credit (629 or lower FICO). If you have bad credit, a low debt ratio and proof of stable income will help you qualify.

Your credit score doesn’t affect how long it takes a lender to fund your loan, but your loan is likely to have a high APR and you might not be approved for a large loan amount.

While many online lenders can fund loans quickly, take the time to compare loan offers before you borrow and establish a loan repayment plan.

Fast cash without loan

Before borrowing, and especially if the rate you qualify for is high, see if you can delay spending or find sources of interest-free money. NerdWallet recommends trying all of these cheaper alternatives before taking out a high cost loan:

Next step: Pre-qualify on NerdWallet

When you pre-qualify with multiple lenders, you have the opportunity to compare loan rates, features, and terms. Prequalification on NerdWallet with lenders who partner with us will not affect your credit score.