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What Do Texas Title Loan Laws Regulate?

Everyone can’t deny that short-term car Title Loan in Texas are an excellent method to access cash fast, particularly when you have bad credit.

Only an active driver’s license and an automobile registered in your name to receive approval from a lender are guaranteed. However, all lenders must be aware of loan rates and conditions, in addition to all Texas rules and laws applicable to Title Loans.

What are the reasons why Title Loans are so important for Texas customers?

Federal laws don’t control title loans, but it is the state’s responsibility to regulate them. On a national level, the Consumer Bureau for Financial Protection is charged with ensuring that lenders provide Title Loans only to borrowers who can repay the loan. It’s done to shield consumers from shady lending.

Texas Title Loan regulations determine:

  • what the lender has to do in the event of a payment that is not made;
  • limit the amount of interest that may be charged
  • If rollovers and renewals are permitted;
  • limitations on the maximum or limits on the maximum Title the loan;
  • Maximum or minimum terms of Title Loan repayment;
  • any penalty fees, etc.

Title loans are legal in Texas. The laws stipulate the minimum or maximum of 180 day(s) terms for loans; however, there is no limit to consumers’ amount. The terms of Title Loans in Texas can last for up to 180 days. Its interest rates can be limited to 180 days, which is 25%/month. The lender can also be charged.


Since Title Loans are specifically designed to meet immediate financial requirements, they should be considered a solution for emergencies only.

There are no credit checks for title loans, making them more accessible than conventional bank loans. However, on the other hand, they can be riskier.

This is why Texas state has developed rules and laws for title loans that aim to safeguard the consumers. Make sure that you know all the specifics before deciding on the best Car Title Loan for quick cash in Texas.


Possession laws are likely to be the most important aspect customers must understand before applying for an auto title loan. In Texas, the title of a car can be utilized as collateral to secure the title loan.

By Texas Title loan regulations, consumers can be liable for losing the car if they are behind in the title loan or breach the loan’s conditions in any other manner. The lender has the power to take possession of the vehicle, sell it, and use the sale proceeds to pay for a defaulted loan.

The car will be taken away if a client doesn’t return the cash even after the deadline.

Protection from repossession in Texas

  • The first thing to note is that Texas defends its citizens by implementing specific laws regarding repossession.
  • The Government also ensures that lenders are given additional time to repay or purchase the loan after repaying the loan.
  • The state also decides whether the vehicle can be sold and the percent of the sale’s proceeds that a lender can receive.
  • Title lenders are required to keep detailed records of every transaction involving a title loan.
  • Texas Title loan companies who violate these laws could face fines of up to $1,000.


Be sure that the lending institution you’re applying to is licensed to offer Title Loans in Texas. They must pay a specific amount each year to obtain their license if you are sure that you are borrowing from a legitimate lender and confident that your rights are secured.

What are the main titles for LOAN rules in TEXAS?

The title loans of Texas are controlled through Tex Fin. Cod. tit.5 SSSS 393.001-393.628; Tex. Administration. Code Tit. 7 SSSS 83.1001-83.6008 and /Ch. 302, Texas Finance Code; Title 1 Texas Business and Commerce Code.

The body that is the official authority to regulate the lenders in Texas and safeguards the rights of consumers is the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC)

What law governs Title Loan Interest rates and fees in Texas

By Texas law, title loans are permitted. Lenders can charge 120.00 percent APR. The maximum period of 180 day(s) Title loan term for Texas is also determined by the state’s law. If the loan isn’t fully paid within up to 180 days of repayment conditions, the borrower runs the risk of having to forfeit their vehicle.

What do you think are Title Loan Terms based on Texas laws?

According to Texas Title Loan laws and Tex Fin. Code tit.5 SSSS 393.001-393.628; Tex. Administration. Code Tit. 7 SSSS 83.1001-83.6008 and /Ch.

302 Texas Finance Code; Title 1 Texas Business and Commerce Code. The law allows for conditions of up to 180 days. The maximum amount you can borrow to be secured against a car title in Texas can be limited. It typically depends on the following elements:

  • Gross monthly income
  • The value of the vehicle
  • Requested loan amount
  • The loan’s term

What are the TITLE LOAN requirements in TEXAS?

Although Title Loan laws differ from state to state, lenders generally have the same conditions:

  • A title for a car or, in some cases, the physical ownership of the vehicle title.
  • Income proof from any source such as Alimony, child support, Social Security Workers’ Compensation, or disability.

Additionally, the applicant will also be required to provide the following details:

  • A detailed description of the car (make model, the year, mileage, etc.)
  • The type the ID or ID numbers that you have presented by you
  • The amount of the amount of the
  • The repayment date agreed upon for the loan, as well as the amount to be paid.
  • Monthly rate and costs
  • Your identity, legal address, phone number, and date of birth

The requirements for Title Loans for Texas residents include:

  • A car title that is free of any lien.
  • An ongoing source of income payment.
  • Texas residence.
  • At least age 18.
  • An official photo ID that is valid for the government.


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